Tuesday, March 10, 2009

IMPACT's Issues are OUR Issues

It seems as though I can't open the paper these days without seeing how the topics IMPACT has identified as critical issues of justice have become part of the fundamental platforms of many politicians running in the upcoming elections.

First up, Dennis Rooker:

[Rooker] also said he has his eyes set on improving the county’s affordable housing system, as well as “making certain that we fund excellence in education in this county.”

Next, Dave Norris:

But Norris said the city is still not where it needs to be in terms of providing affordable living choices for its residents, though a dent has been made.

And Julian Taliaferro:

Taliaferro emphasized many of the issues elected officials have been confronted with over the past few years — such as public education, governmental efficiency and especially affordable housing and the regional water supply plan — and vowed to continue work on these matters.

It's clear that IMPACT has help shift the dialogue in a positive way - we know that there are no easy solutions for the issues facing us all, and we look forward to working with elected officials to make progress. It's good to know that the elected officials are on board and understand how important affordable housing and education are to us and to our community.

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