Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The REAL IMPACT - making a difference since 2006

How is IMPACT able to effect REAL change in Charlottesville and Albemarle County?
  • IMPACT is the most diverse faith-based organization of its kind in Virginia, 33 congregations allied for justice.
  • The Nehemiah Action is one of the largest meetings of its kind on the east coast and the LARGEST in Virginia.

What has IMPACT done for our community?
  • Pushed for, and gotten, increased bus service to under-served neighborhoods. Not to mention service on Sundays, allowing thousands of riders to attend church, go to work, or otherwise lead normal lives on Sunday.
  • Advocated, and increased, the funding for and attention paid to affordable housing for those at the lowest level of income - people who are essential to our community, but can't afford to live here, or even nearby.
  • Pressed for, and obtained, increased dental health care for those without means, lightening the burden on our emergency rooms, and improving the health of our entire community.

What is IMPACT working for this year?
  • A commitment to pre-Kindergarten programs - in these difficult times, we can't neglect our future, and we must truly "leave no child behind."
  • A commitment to the creation and implementation of language access plans in the local legal system - the law supports this, the community needs this. Ignoring it, or denying access, degrades the performance of the legal system as a whole.

For us to continue to make a REAL IMPACT in Charlottesville and Albemarle County, we just need you to show up at the Nehemiah Action at 6:30pm on March 22 at University Hall. By your presence, we make a REAL IMPACT.

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