Saturday, February 21, 2009

Economic Stimulus and IMPACT

Did you happen to see the article by Rachana Dixit in the Daily Progress yesterday about the economic stimulus package? (How will stimulus package benefit region?)

I'm encouraged by the mention of both affordable housing and education, though I admit it's not clear specifically how "the region" will take advantage of money for affordable housing. And the money for education seems targeted on specific programs, which may or may not be the most pressing needs for the community.

Still, I've noticed a fair amount of coverage of affordable housing in the local media recently - people are starting to gain awareness the dire straits of the folks in the economic margins of our city and county, possibly because they're the first to suffer job losses and foreclosures in these difficult times.

On Thursday, Feb 26, the IMPACT research committees for education and affordable housing will present their status reports, as we begin to gear up for the Nehemiah Action on March 30. Whatever issues the committees have chosen, I'll be glad to be there in support. In these times of turmoil, there's no better time to come together with brothers and sisters of other faiths to shine a light of justice in our city and county. I hope to see you there!

Image courtesy of NY Times

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