Saturday, January 24, 2009

IMPACT Behind the News

If you read Rachana Dixit's Daily Progress article "Group: Housing affordability crisis require regional effort" in yesterday's paper, you were reading about a product of IMPACT's affordable housing task force. A result of our first Nehemiah action in 2007, we got Charlottesville city council, the Albemarle board of supervisors (BOS), and UVa's Board of Visitors to sit down together and come up with recommendations for improving the affordable housing situation in our area.

It's great that the groups universally acknowledge the pressing need for affordable housing. Given our ever-tightening budget belts, however, the challenge will be getting these programs funded. David Slutzky expresses the contradiction well:

Because of the economy, Slutzky said, “affordable housing is going to become an even more critical issue.”

It will be vital for IMPACT members to continue reminding our local officials of the need for affordable housing. There are some city council and BOS meetings coming up in early February, and we're encouraging people to come out and show their support for the task force's recommendations. I'll provide more detail on these meetings shortly.

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